Modern Architecture Contracting Company Branch success is built on our proven service delivery, client satisfaction, reliability and professionalism.

Our continuous focus has been to drive the benefits of facilities management know how coupled with the operation and maintenance concept to our clients. We endeavors to deliver client expectations with added value services,which will meet our clients quality facility management standard and value added services,this is designed to ensure sustainable service delivery, optimum cost savings and measurable end-user satisfaction.


We work with our clients to gain a detailed understanding of their needs, challenges, short and long term objectives. Our Facilty Management strategy delivers strong business continuity, reduced life cycle costs and increase operating deliveries of assets. Our MAXIMO operating system is geared to insure that all our services are delivered on time and with the highest accuracy of handling.



Our services are client focused delivery, this different methodology based on service nature, our staff is well trained and job oriented to deliver the best expected outcome while maintaining a safe and comfortable environment.



Our structure is developed to achieve our client vision by insuring that engineering, reliability and inspections is an integral part of this service.

Our maintenance methodology while maintaining the systems and equipment’s is insuring that life cycle and longevity in system operations and performance is monitored and maintained.

Our maintenance services model while caters for the traditional corrective maintenance (CM), reactive maintenance (RM), preventive maintenance (PM), it has developed the appropriate quality systems to insure that these programs are beneficial and it delivers the client expectations.

  • Civil Service.
  • Electrical Service.
  • Low Current Service.
  • HVAC Service.
  • Plumbing Service.


Being a pioneer in this type of service that delivers one of the most demanding and comprehensive client’s needs have set us apart from the traditional architected and events planning norms.

We have the architectural know how to design and reconfigure office environments that meets the most details functions and insures that space utilizations are optimized while looking at the near future expansion of the client’s needs, we also insure that the spaces are free of any damages by conducting high standard of inspections and insuring that all operations issues are resolved.

We have a high level of events preparations capabilities that meets the expectations of a university that hosts thousands of events from different size, small meeting to commencements hosting thousands of guests.

Office services at MACC currently handle various areas such as:

  • Space Planning

  • Events Planning And Readiness

  • Facilities Inspections

  • Room Bookings


We deliver the complete grounds methodology, this is to insure that the client and the visitors experience while working, living or visiting is complete and memorable, our operations model and services delivery standard is an environmentally compliance and focused on an international standards, this is insuring that the friendly and welcoming soundings is pleasant and unique.

Our horticulture operations is focused on growth of plants, trees and shrubs rather than replacement for the purpose of decorations, we maintain the variety of plants and trees in the township to the changes of whether and the type of water

Grounds services at MACC currently handle various areas such as:

  • Gardening And Grass Areas

  • Palms Operation

  • Water Features And Lagoons

  • Indoor Plants And Pest Control

  • Nursery And Plantations Maintenance

  • All Parking And Walkways


Our facilities services is focused on delivery the highest standard of cleanliness and janitorial support, the standard developed and operated to satisfy demanding clients and to deliver the safest and most hygienic environment. It’s also focused on preserving assets and client’s specific needs.

Protecting the environments, while executing our operations is a standard that we don’t compromise, we are green friendly and we use chemical and materials that meet the expected international standard.

We train our staff to the highest level for the executions of various jobs in different areas. This enables us to maintain a work force that is fully capable and aware of the different environment that the client operates in, such as:

  • Research labs
  • Medical Centers           
  • IT Centers Operating standard and safety standard goes hand in hand, while insuring only the appropriate and related materials and equipment’s are used. Facilities services at MACC currently handle various areas such as:
  • Offices
  • Research labs
  • Data centers
  • Solar systems
  • Schools
  • Thuwal Cornish
  • Recreation facilities
  • Housing facilities
  • Hotels
  • Housekeeping


MACC is currently Operating the accommodation services in King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology as follows:

  • KAUST INN, 117 Suites situated in two buildings on Peace Avenue
  • Serviced Apartments, 100 apartments in the Harbor area.
  • Housing Service, 4000 housing units situated across King Abdullah University Of Science And Technology.